18 Apr 2011 HR work

18 Apr 2011 HR work - Apr 18; Chapter 9, p252 odd...

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Apr 18; Chapter 9, p252 odd “Strategic Questions” and “To Do” case page 258 P252 1. According to the bureau of labor statistics, what are the most typical characteristics of an employee with carpel tunnel syndrome (sex, age, occupation, length of service with employer, race or ethnic origin, industry sector, and number of days away from work)? Male=1,129 vs Female 558; peak age 35-44; occupation precision production; 1-5 years service; White; manufacturing sector, 118-126 days away from work in this sector. http://www.bls.gov/news.release/History/osh2_03282001.txt It is pretty amazing, and they state that this is a leading cause of missing employment – 27 days, followed by fractures (20 days) and amputees (18 days) 3. Using an engineering approach (make changes in the tools or equipment), what changes to a typical assembly line job would make employees less likely to get a repetitive strain injury? In addition to safety awareness and training programs, the location of machinery that does not add repeated stress P258 Use the data provided on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Web Page, “Safety & Health”, to answer these questions. I limited this to Florida – just to make it interesting… Highest fatality rate per 100,000 employees : 1. Trade, transportation, and utilities; 2. Professional and business services; 3. Construction. Most frequent event leading to fatalities : Transportation in 38% of cases (90 of the 243 Florida deaths)
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Retail Sales Workers : 16 Sales-related deaths total in 2009, with assaults and violent acts leading the events. Second in this area were office and administrative support, with falls and
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18 Apr 2011 HR work - Apr 18; Chapter 9, p252 odd...

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