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Mar 23; Chapter 3, Odd no “Strategic Questions” on page 62 and “To Do” case page 65 P62 1. Is working in teams effectively a trait or characteristic that can be selected for, or a behavior or skill that can be taught? I believe it can be taught, but personality plays a large role in a person’s success as a team member. Even with that, I believe the emphasis should be that it is a behavior or skill – learned as early as young childhood (the concept of sharing, and basic social interaction – no biting Jimmy!) 3. What personality characteristics are most likely to predict job performance in a sales job? The book answer on page 61 tends to support that “agreeable” and “conscientious” people perform well with peers. These are great traits to build trust on a team, but I think that sales requires dynamic, energetic, and creative individuals who can read potential customers – with the guts to “close the sale”. 5.
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