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25 Apr 2011 HR work

25 Apr 2011 HR work - customer base Step 3 – New vision...

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Apr 25; Chapter 11, p 303 odd “Strategic Questions” and “To Do” case page 319 1. Is the Peter Principle an inevitable result of using promotions as incentives for high levels of job performance? I think it is. The recognition for high-level performance needs to be visible, and motivation for peers to keep up with your team or peer group helps motivate in this case. 3. What is the difference between plateaued employee and an employee who has reached his or her level of incompetence? The level of encouragement – with the plateaued employee needing more motivation. P319 Pasta Garden Owner, Dave “Pasta Man” Kennedy Step 1 – sense of urgency – survival. Step 2 – coalition to lead the change – get customer feedback and develop an improvement board (not for profit), to look into how to best meet community needs while building more
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Unformatted text preview: customer base. Step 3 – New vision – Consider expanding into carry-out or network with Delivery Company for expanded market share. Step 4 – c2 vision – posters, new menus, and media once decisions are made to change. Step 5 - - leverage employees – builds time into day for brainstorming and collecting feedback to improve clientele and expand employee profit in new Endeavour. Step 6 – Plan – thresholds like a: fast food delivery in place, b: network in place for delivery, c: expanded kitchen and seating areas. Step 7 – Adjust, as necessary – will mean new training, new equipment, and different employees Step 8 – Reinforce change – a new image and new mantral in and out of the resturaunt...
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