27 Apr 2011 HR work

27 Apr 2011 HR work - Apr 27; Chapter 12, p331 even...

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Apr 27; Chapter 12, p331 even “Strategic Questions” and “To Do” case page 339 May 2/4; Individual Projects May 9; Final Exam P331 2. What type of employment incentive plans should be available to all employees? Fair incentives that create equity with healthcare, time off, but some profit sharing should be at the level of impact in an organization (diluted for rank and file, based on impact). To only select employees? I think some employees have unique position in an organization and should be compensated if in high risk positions, doing work in war zones, or if management – to incentivize creative leadership and profit for the company. In which countries? All – fairness starts with no discrimination – using labor practices and laws in the country the company is HQ’d in, while honoring / respecting local laws and even customs. 4. Should differences in compensation among different international executives be minimized for fairness or allowed for expatriate packages of benefits? I believe compensation packages have to be at the executive level for the country the work is accomplished at and where the executive is expected to live, but some balance with expatriate compensation is required if the executive is required to travel and is expecting on relocating back to an industrialized country or region with higher cost of living. P339 To Do; WEB::: Employment law update in Ireland Information Complaints/breach of rights How to apply Where to apply Information If you have been out of the workforce in Ireland for some time, you will need to update yourself on changes that have occurred in the field of employment protection. The last decade has seen substantial changes and acquainting yourself with these developments will help you to maximise your rights. Employment protection developments 1993-2007
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The following is a summary of the legislation that has been introduced in this period concerning employment protection: Protection of Employment (Exceptional Collective Redundancies and Related Matters) Act 2007: This legislation establishes a redundancy panel to consider certain proposed collective redundancies. The Act also removes the upper age limit for entitlement to redundancy payments. Employment Permits Act 2006: This Act updates the Employment Permits Act 2003, introducing the Green Card permit and revising the legislation on work permits and spousal permits. Employees (Provision of Information and Consulation) Act 2006: This legislation sets establishes minimum requirements for employees' right to information and consultation about the development of their employment's structure and activities. From 23 March 2008 it applies to employers with at least 50 employees. Parental Leave (Amendment) Act 2006 amends the Parental Leave Act 1998 which
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27 Apr 2011 HR work - Apr 27; Chapter 12, p331 even...

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