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Exam 1 key - EXAM 1 KEY (February 17, 2011) Arrange the...

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EXAM 1 KEY (February 17, 2011) 1. Arrange the following in proper order… ANS. signal, sensor, processing center, output, feedback connection 2. … osmotic press. across membrane of 0.2 Osm cell dropped in distilled water at 300 K? ANS. 6 atm 3. Which of the following correctly depict(s) Fick's description of diffusion? ANS. J = D (C1-C2)/x and dQ/dt = D dc/dx 4. … a red blood cell from a laboratory rat was dropped into 0.15 M NaCl…it neither swelled nor shrank. Which of the following is (are) the best explanation(s)? ANS. the osmolarity of the cell is 300 mOsm. 5. …approximate osmotic pressure of an elasmobranch cell at 27 degrees C (300K)? ANS. several answers accepted – depends on context 6. D = .001 cm 2 /s, radius = 500 micrometers, high concentration = 15,000 molecules/cm3, low concentration = 5,000 molecules/cm3. What is the flux of Na+ ion diffusion across cell? ANS. 100 7. Two NaCl solutions…completely permeable membrane… At end of the experiment: ANS. the solutions will each contain the same amount of NaCl
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Exam 1 key - EXAM 1 KEY (February 17, 2011) Arrange the...

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