quiz from 3-29 to 5-10-11

quiz from 3-29 to 5-10-11 - Quiz questions(Correct answers...

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Quiz questions (Correct answers are in red) 3-29-11 Afferent neurons carry information from brain to muscle for the control of movement. 1. true 2. false At rest, the potential in the inside of the membrane is ___ the outside. 1 . more negative than 2. more positive than 3. about the same as At equilibrium, when a neuron is at rest, 1. the concentrations of K ions in both sides of the membrane are the same. 2. there is no K ions moving in and out. 3 . the concentration of K ions inside of the membrane is higher as compared to the outside . 4-5-11 There are more glia than neurons in the nervous system because glia perform multiple functions while neurons only conduct electrical impulses. 1. true 2. false Because there are ion channels that are open at rest, the plasma membrane is relatively leaky as compared to the insulated underwater cable. 3. true 4. false Why Na+ are not the major contributor to the Vrest at normal condition? 1. Because there is no chemical gradient for Na+. 2. Because the electrical gradient against Na+ influx. 3. Because there is no Na+ channel in the membrane. 4. Because the membrane permeability for Na+ is low. The plasma membrane acts as a ____, which means any change in the membrane potential would ___. 1. Capacitor, change the amount of charges inside and outside of the membrane. 2. Resister, slow down the charge movement across the membrane 3. Conductor, move ions across the membrane 4-7-11 What would take for an action potential to generate? 1. a local membrane depolarization 2. a local membrane heperpolarization 3. a change of the membrane potential to above the threshold potential
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4. a local circuit of current The raising phase of an action potential is resulted from: 1. inactivation of the K leak channels, 2. activation of the voltage-gated Na channels without changing membrane permeability 3. activation of the leak Na channels that changes the membrane permeability for Na 4. none of the above Why doesn’t an action potential peak at ENa? 1.
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quiz from 3-29 to 5-10-11 - Quiz questions(Correct answers...

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