Hon 110 Notes 4 6 11 - Hon 110 Notes 4/6/11 Stoicism...

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Hon 110 Notes – 4/6/11 Stoicism – Founded by Zeno, from Athens Born 335 Stocism comes from where he lectured Stoists believed only happiness by living virtuous life Divine will – same as nature Lived in harmony with divine will Stoic- doesn’t show a lot of emotion Holding everything in What it means, mastered this, acceptance of divine law Gain eternal peace, bear witness anything that happens to you Believe public service was noble Believed had a place in the world and influence Stoics believed that there was divine principal Divine spark Same footing to begin with Even slave would be equal Mind would be free Think with this idea, have divine spark, not at all write about slavery and how masters should be fair to slaves Never write about get rid of slavery World was one unique society Have this reason from accepting divine will, see dignity of others Divine will being divine of nature, laws of nature apply to nature of god apply to nature of man Stoicism influence history – Christianity
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Hon 110 Notes 4 6 11 - Hon 110 Notes 4/6/11 Stoicism...

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