Hon 190 AH Notes 4 21 11 - • Appeal to popular beliefs...

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Hon 190 AH Notes 4/21/11 Ch 16 Arguing Persuasively Toulmin Model of Argument Claim -Qualifiers -Reservations Evidence/Data Warrant -Backing Ex. Should buy our product Data that in couple days will have white teeth (based on research) Connects, Assures to audience claim truth.
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o Warrant: Want whiter teeth. (Whole underlying assumption in which audience believes). Whiter teeth: confident, smile more (backing) Reasoning Inductive – taking specific examples and then making general/broader examples Deductive – opp. of inductive, big to small, big general example to smaller specific examples o Syllogism – major premise – minor premise – conclusion o Enthymeme – don’t have to say general principle Analogical – Take two similar things Fallacies of Relevance Appeal to ignorance
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Unformatted text preview: • Appeal to popular beliefs • Non sequitor – does not follow logical order, conclusion does not follow reasoning • Appeal to tradition – Should keep it this way, because its been like this for so long. • Red herring – Introducing something new and irrelevant, complete off topic. • Straw man Fallacies of Faulty Reasoning • False dilemma • Begging the question – circular reasoning/thinking • Faulty analogy – Compare two things not same • Slippery slope – Assumption to assumption, (die from eating McDonalds) Fallacies of Inadequate Evidence • False cause • Hasty generalization Fallacies of personal attack • Ad hominem – against the man, taboo, attack actual person and character not the argument • Guilt by association...
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Hon 190 AH Notes 4 21 11 - • Appeal to popular beliefs...

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