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Hon 190 AH Notes 4/19/11 Ch 2 Ethical Public Speaking (Persuasive Speech) Responsibilities of Citizenship Engaged Citizens “get informed”, “vote”, “Make a Difference”, “be more involved” Ethical Obligations of citizenship -not encourage violence, make sure all your facts are correct, truthful, convey message as best as you can. Ethical Responsibilities of Speakers Ethical dilemmas
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Unformatted text preview: Honesty and accountability-Plagiarism – 3 types (incremental), (patchwork), (global) Real world consequences: Biden, Gibbon’s-Ghost writers: write speeches for other people Deliberation and Demagoguery – manipulate, opposite of ethical Deliberating in good faith – Not withholding anything, speak out what’s relevant Demagoguery and emotional appeals. (protest rallies)...
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