Hon 190 AH Notes 4 12 11 - Passive agreement audience says...

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Hon 190 AH Notes 4/12/11 Ch 15 Persuasive Speaking Persuasion -Convince somebody to believe what you believe. -Communication that influences Valuable to understand. What is best argument. -Immigration -Healthcare -Invasion of Libya -Budget Credibility, who is the speaker. You as speaker need to prove something. Depending on situation, level of proof. Argument is the best argument, how much proof needed to believe. Types Fact – Real, can I touch it, see it True/False (Purely rely on facts) Value – something good or bad, moral & ethic comes to play, (abortion) (animal testing), want to support or stop something Policy – exercise, going green, invest more in education, vote
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Unformatted text preview: Passive agreement audience says yes, youre right Immediate action Im going to do it, need real plan Organizational patterns-problem solution or problem cause solution-Monroes Motivated Sequence (1. Arouse (get attention) 2. Dissatisfy (discuss problem), 3. Gratify (talk about solution), 4. Visualize (benefits of solution), 5. Move (tell us what to do).) Speaker Ethics (Credibility) Trustworthiness Need good reputation, gain trust Competence You know what youre talking about. Open mindedness Hear explain logically, look in both sides Dynamism Enthusiasm, motivate others, be dynamic speaker, passionate...
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Hon 190 AH Notes 4 12 11 - Passive agreement audience says...

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