14164995-Pyloric-Stenosis - Pyloric stenosis (or infantile...

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Pyloric stenosis (or infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis ) is a condition that causes severe vomiting in the first few months of life. There is narrowing ( stenosis ) of the opening from the stomach to the intestines, due to enlargement ( hypertrophy ) of the muscle surrounding this opening (the pylorus , meaning "gate"), which spasms when the stomach empties. It is uncertain whether there is a real congenital narrowing or whether there is a functional hypertrophy of the muscle which develops in the first few weeks of life. Males are more commonly affected than females, with firstborn males affected about four times as often, and there is a genetic predisposition for the disease. [1] It is commonly associated with people of Jewish ancestry. [2] Pyloric stenosis is more common in whites than Hispanics, African Americans, or Asians. The incidence is 2.4 per 1000 live births in whites, 1.8 in Hispanics, 0.7 in African Americans, and 0.6 in Asians. It is also less common amongst children of mixed race parents. [3] Caucasian babies with blood type B or O are more likely than other types to be affected. [1] Pyloric stenosis also occurs in adults where the cause is usually a narrowed pylorus due to scarring from chronic peptic ulceration. This is a completely different condition from the infantile form. Symptoms Babies with this condition usually present any time in the first weeks to months of life with progressively worsening vomiting . The vomiting is often described as non-bile stained ("non bilious") and "projectile vomiting", because it is
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14164995-Pyloric-Stenosis - Pyloric stenosis (or infantile...

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