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100 items OB questions by: Jeddah Obstetrics Nursing Questions BY: JEDDAH Answer keys will be posted after one week but rationale will take longer (lol dahil tamad ako!). Please free to post comments and you can answer it. Questions are both NLE and Foreign exam based. Good Luck!! Enjoy answering! Select the best answer 1. Mr. and Mrs. Cremasteric arrive at the clinic for their first pre natal visit. Mr. Crema tells the nurse that the women in his family usually have girl babies first and wonders why some women always have girls. The nurse correct response is: a. “The sex of the baby is determined by the sperm.” b. “Some women are just more fertile with females.” c. “Nature determines whether the baby will be a girl or a boy.” d. “The sex of the baby is determined by the egg.” 2. The hormone responsible for the development of the ovum during the menstrual cycle is? a. Estrogen b. Progesterone c. Follicle Stimulating hormone (FSH) d. Luteneizing hormone (LH) 3. Which hormone is not responsible for differentiation of male reproductive organs during fetal life? a. Mullerian duct inhibitor (MDI) b. Dyhydrotestosterone c. Dehydroepiandosterone sulfate d. Testosterone 4. Which principal factor causes vaginal pH to be acidic? a. Cervical mucus changes b. Secretion of the Skene’s gland c. The action of the doderlein bacillus d. Secretion of the bartholins gland 5. Family centered nursing care for women and newborn focuses on which of the following? a. Assisting individuals and families achieve their optimal health b. Diagnosing and treating problems promptly c. Preventing further complications from developing d. Conducting nursing research to evaluate clinical skills
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6. When reviewing the ethical dilemmas facing maternal and newborn nurses today, which of the following has contributed to their complexity? a. Limitation of available options b. Support for one viable action c. Advancement in technology d. Consistent desirable standards 7. The frenulum and prepuce of the clitoris are formed by the? a. Fossa Navicularis b. Mons veneris c. Labia majora d. Labia minora 8. The vas deferens is a: a. storage for spermatozoa b. Site of spermatozoa production c. Conduit of spermatozoa d. Passageway of sperm 9. Cremasteric visits the clinic and is told that his sperm count is normal. A normal sperm count ranges from: a. 20 to 100/ml b. 100, 000 to 200, 000/ml c. 100 to 200/ml d. 20 to 100 million/ml 10. During which of the following phase of the menstrual cycle is it ideal for implantation of a fertilized egg to occur? a. Ischemic phase b. Menstrual phase c. Proliferative phase d. Secretory phase 11. Variation on the length of menstrual cycle are due to variations in the number of days in which of the following phase? a. Proliferative phase
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32187534-100-Items-OB-Questions-By - 100 items OB questions...

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