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BIO11 - \y‘ PASADENA CITY COLLEGE ‘ “Our communit...

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Unformatted text preview: \y‘ PASADENA CITY COLLEGE ‘ “Our communit ’slearnin colle e.” + “Student Success: Our To Priori .” NATURAL SCIENCES DIVISION 09/02/08 to 12/20/08 COURSE: BIOLOGY ll INSTRUCTOR: DR. JOE W. CONNER NAME: LAB: ‘ DATE: 12/15/08 FINAL EXAM: / 100 TEST FORM: B PLEASE carefully read and answer each question. There are 100 questions! PLACE your name, Lab section , and TEST FORM on your answer sheet [Minus one point/per omissionl] B l4. LL.) \ m Homeostasis Vides what kind of environment? a. positive @ constant c. limiting d. changing e. chemical and physical The diet of the red fox shows . ' e a. that it is unchanging b. seasonal shifis c. it is a herbivore d. omnivorQ “b & d” The number of protons of ato determines the type of a. electrons b.‘ Hydrogen @elements d. movement e. isotopes All EXCEJZT which of the following are members of the same broad plant grouping? // Ci moss b. fern c. rose d. pine e. corn A _ is a measure of heat energy. a. monomer b. polymer c. fat (,dw. calorie e. NONE Which is the LESS complex system? <6 food chain b. food web c. there is no difference The bone in the upper arm of an Afidcan female is the 9 a. radius. b. ulna. c. tibia. {d}, humerus. e. none. W ~—-‘l>*1 til/i 0 Carbon dioxide is‘tlae mitotrophs ‘. Qislike b.‘ absorb c. color d. smell e. all DNA is found in the nucleus of fi and mice cells. a. plasma membrane b. plant 0. chloroplast d. lysosome Q none fl. Enzymes are important in the chemical reactions in fresh water snailsty’B RUE b. FALSE The tissue that lines all internal surfaces is, a. edible. b. * loose connective. c. supportive connective. (id 110116. :3" __ have active sites, that bind substrates/reactants. a. Entropy grammes c. Products d. Prokaryotes e. all ll _": is an educated guess or the reastfls yen to explain an observation. a. Cell b. Control 0. Ecosystem. ypothesis e. “ a and b” Fossils are found in ck, after the organism's body has come to rest a. sedimentary; on lam; b.:edimentary; underwater c. volcanic; on land d. volcanic; under water A potato starch molecule is composed of . . . x a. ammo ac1ds b. growth rate c. negative charge d. wa r ~e.//glucose ‘ / Do spiders have a hydrostatic skeleton with a sofi body wall? a. YES @0 1 “Intellectual Capital of California = SGV” ...
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