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Informative Speech Outline Purpose: To illustrate the most effective structure for your speech. Introduction Capture your audience’s attention with a quote, anecdote, or personal experience. (Key – it should help build up to the main reason for your speech.) State the purpose or main idea of your speech: Acme Company has many admirable qualities. Briefly preview your three main points. Use active sentences or verb phrases. Culture encourages creativity Customers love unique products Acme Company gives back to community Transition Sentence …Let’s begin our tour of this great company with a look at its culture. Body 1. Culture encourages creativity Describe one riveting example Note awards/professional recognition Summarize creative accomplishments Transition sentence: Now that I’ve told you about xxx, let’s discuss the second point yyyy. 2. Customers love unique products Example 1(show a product) Example 2 (customer testimonial) Example 3 (market success stats) Transition sentence:
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Informative+Speech+Outline - Informative Speech Outline...

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