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Dr Paul Fitzpatrick –May 2011 Revision 1 The University of Melbourne Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ELEN90013 Mobile and Wireless Networks and Design Project - Semester 1, 2011 Due Date: Week 12 1. Introduction 1.1. Aim The aim of this project is to undertake the design of a new cellular network for a given network coverage area, traffic demand and range of service requirements. Each student will determine the number of base stations to satisfy the coverage, demand and service specifications within the constraints of the technology and spectrum in the given scenario. Full details of what is expected in the report are given below in Section 2. 1.2. Outline Each student will be given a scenario that they will use as the basis for their project. Each scenario specifies the technology and spectrum (frequency band and bandwidth) to be used. It also defines the coverage area, demand and in-building margin that the students will use in their design. The performance targets in terms of coverage probability, data rate and voice blocking probability are specified in Section 4. Each student will use their report to demonstrate that their design meets or exceeds all of these performance targets for the given area and demand and using the given technology and spectrum. 2. Report Each student will produce one (1) written report covering: (i) Part A - The network design. This covers the calculations for the network design for each region, including answering all of the questions in Section 2.1 and, (ii) Part B - The technology evaluation. This is an evaluation of the technology against a range of general requirements. Answer all the questions in Section 2.2. Make sure that all material from external sources is correctly and accurately referenced . Please do not copy verbatim from others work, as this is plagiarism. Refer to the University web site on plagiarism ( 2.1. Part A – Network Design This section of the report will contain your detailed design for the network. In this section you must cover the following areas of the design and be sure to answer all questions. 2.1.1. Link Budget For the given technology, develop a link budget to determine the maximum cell radius (coverage limited cell range). The link budget for the downlink for WCDMA should be based on the pilot channels CPICH. For GSM/EDGE the link budget should be based the requirements for speech service. 2.1.2. Impact of Soft Handover for CDMA systems If using WCDMA explain and estimate the impact of soft handover on your system design. Justify your answers.
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Dr Paul Fitzpatrick –May 2011 Revision 1 2.1.3. EDGE If using GSM/EDGE estimate the maximum data rate at the cell edge. 2.1.4.
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PROJECT_S12011_1 - The University of Melbourne Department...

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