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Homework assignment for Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 April classes Due Friday 22 April Study View the videos sent as links in the email. 50-Character-Modeling-in-Blender is made using Blender v2.4 but is still worth seeing. 60-Chaos-Evolutions-getting-ideas-with-Alchemy.mp4 is mainly worth watching for the initial four minute tutorial on figure proportions, though Alchemy is an interesting open source ideation program you may find useful. Don’t spend much time on it. Making Design a low poly human(ish) figure that may be used as the basis of a family of characters. Avoid alien, animal, robot, and cartoon characters. Draw background images (or use photos) then model the figure using the techniques described in the videos. You may have to start several times; don’t go too far with a model that isn’t working. Grading will be upon technical quality such as edgeloops and proportion, not detail. Decide whether to model clothing into the basic character form. If you do so, add an accessory such as a weapon or belt. If you do not, model a
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