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Homework assignment for Tuesday 5 and Thursday 7 April classes Due Thursday 14 April CMPS 26, Spring 2011 Reading and viewing Download the Beginning Blender work files from http://www.apress.com/book/downloadfile/4643 . Read chapters 4 and 5, and work through the exercises. View the training videos from the email sent Friday 8th with links to dropbox.com files. Also view the examples of scene and character design in the folder and decide which long project you want to do. The character option will involve high polygon modeling, retopologising (poly reduction), and mapping. The scene option will include the scene as well as making low poly models based on your own photos of environments and lighting them well. The scene can be the interior of a building such a factory, a townscape, or an outdoor environment – on Earth or elsewhere. Making Make a low poly model of a game item (an oil drum, a machine, or a vehicle, for example, but keep them very simple). Unwrap it, and add diffuse (color) and specular (shininess) maps.
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