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Phonetics and phonology - • Interrelationship between...

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Phonetics and phonology Communication: speech o S Defining phonetics Production (articulatory phonetics) o Study of how the sounds are produced, whats involoved Transmission (acoustic phonetics) o There are physical properties relating to the frequency sound and how its transmitted Perception (auditory phonetics) o As the sound waves are received o o Of speech sounds (for all the above underlined) Defining phonology o Study of speech emphasizing speech sounds according to the o Phone: any individual sound or unit that makes up a word o 2 main sound categories are constanants and vowels o study of structure and systematic patterning in a specific language o phonemes: makes a difference in meaning within a word Phonems and allphones o Allophone: variant of a phoneme
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Unformatted text preview: • Interrelationship between phonetics and phonology o Form and production of the articulated sounds, articulation is phonetics o Phonology is the function and use, acoustic Overview of speech production Physiological phonetics: the anatomical-physiological foundation of speech production-the function of vocal cords-encompasses breathing and its adequacy for speech (respiratory) • The respiratory system o • The phonatory system o Function of vocal cords and fold and the fact that they vibrate which makes the sounds that give us the ability to speak • The resonatory system o The way the various cavities act as a resonartory • The articulatory system • Acoustic phonetics: principles of resonance • •...
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  • Articulatory phonetics, acoustic phonetics, production Physiological phonetics, Defining phonetics, allphones o Allophone

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Phonetics and phonology - • Interrelationship between...

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