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Anatomical terms notes STUDENTS - Anatomical terms A...

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Unformatted text preview: Anatomical terms A. General terms for locations and surfaces •. 1. ventral : (L. venter = belly) away from backbone or toward front of body •. 2. dorsal : (L. dorsum = back) toward backbone, away from front of body •. 3. anterior : toward the front, or away from back. Usually used with reference to free extremities or the head, but may be used interchangeably with ventral. •. 4. posterior : toward the back, or away from front. Can be used interchangeably with dorsal. •. 5. In hands and forearms, palmar used for ventral, while dorsal retained. In feet, sole of foot called plantar , while dorsal is top of foot. •. 6. superficial : toward the surface •. 7. deep : away from surface •. 8. superior : upper •. 9. inferior : lower •. 10. cranial : toward head--rostral and cephalad used too •. 11. caudal : toward tail, away from head •. 12. external : toward the outer surface--used most often to describe body cavities or body wall, but sometimes used • 13. internal : toward the inner surface, interchangeable with deep • 14. medial : toward the axis or midline • 15. lateral : away from axis or midline • 16. proximal (L. proximus = next): toward the body or toward the root of a free extremity • 17. distal (distant): away from body or root of free extremity • 18. central : pertaining to or situated at center • 19. peripheral (L. peri = around): toward the outward surface or part....
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Anatomical terms notes STUDENTS - Anatomical terms A...

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