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VIDEO treatment activities 1. (6 pts) View the video, “A Day at Speech Therapy”. Access this video via Google, videos, then type in the name provided. a. List three activities to improve speech that are shown in the video. (3 pts) b. What is the specific purpose of each technique (i.e., don’t say, “to improve speech”)? (3 pts) 2. (6 pts) View the video, “Luke’s Speech Apraxia Therapy”. Access this video via Google, videos, then type in the name. Note that the video is 9.51
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Unformatted text preview: minutes in length. The video shows a diagnostic session, not treatment. Each answer is worth one point, with the exception of “e”. a. What is developmental apraxia of speech? Also, cite your web source. b. What happened when he tried to imitate vowel sounds? c. List the consonants he produced correctly when imitating single sounds. d. What was the purpose of the elephant, alligator, frog, etc? e. What speech characteristics lead to the diagnosis of apraxia of speech? (2 pts)...
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