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Verbal apraxia - primary verbal apriaxia brocas has the...

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Verbal apraxia Ass with hypofulent aphasias like brocas Also seen by some as (mayo clinic) seen as motor speech impir rather than part of motor programming (boston school) Key is: have no weakness in support for speech structure (rep) no weak in phonatory, no weakness imprecision rate problems of artic system Motor encoding: organization o, assembly, of the speech sound commands that ae gonna be requested of the articulators Arguably that Morotr encoder: brocas area to accomplish this task need access to the rules for phonological production, in blackbox concept (linguistic competence). Separate phonological
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Unformatted text preview: primary verbal apriaxia: brocas has the right rules, messed up secondary: in dipping in pulled out thr wrong rules and sent them down substitution type of errors, no distortion, nice clean icorrect production, sometimes its omission, ocationally perseveration problem (rare) classical notion: (caner and trosten) error pattern somewhat random no weakness in pyramidal, support, etc; wrong action potential sequences are sent down to the articulators that work fine basal ganglia lesion, assist pyramidal motor system, can result in hypo or hyperkenisis affects limbs and articulators...
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