Chapter 9 - Social Factors in Adolescence Selfconcept...

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9/15/2009 1 Social Factors in Adolescence Self‐concept School years: defined in terms of abilities Adolescence: defined in terms of abilities + personality traits, morals, peers, religion, sexual identity Eriksonian stage: Identity vs. Role Confusion Identity Achievement Marcia’s Identity Phenomena Identity achievement: successful end to struggle with possible roles Foreclosure: premature identity decision, without critical analysis of roles, in line with parental or societal pressure Negative identity: premature identity decision opposite of parental or societal pressure Identity diffusion: failure to adopt any one identity, flightiness, apathy Identity moratorium: experimentation with various roles without commitment
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9/15/2009 2 Other char’s of adolescent identity Adolescent egocentrism Strong sense of knowing they are right Increased confidence in cognitive/logical skills Invincibility fable Bad things that happen to others don’t apply to them Personal fable View themselves as overly unique, different Imaginary audience Fantasy about doing/saying great things in front of others Social Groups Affect choice of self‐concept or role Affect various decisions sex, drugs, education, etc Friends, beliefs, attitudes In‐group/out‐group Stereotyping Peer pressure: conformity to peer group (one’s friends) Behavior, Dress, Attitude
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Chapter 9 - Social Factors in Adolescence Selfconcept...

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