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CheckPoint 1 - along with being sent to you mass mail which...

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CheckPoint: Technology–Trendy Communication Technology trends and communication is changing every day. In the past, the jobs I have held did not use communication technology correctly. When a job was preformed incorrectly, the person was given an email abou the situation. This is not a correct form of communicating the problem. E-mails should be used to remind people of dates and or meetings. E-mails can be used for simple ways of communication. Memos are a good way to communicate the meeting that is reqiured by the employees that receive the memo. Memos are used to the best that they can be used. Memos also can be used to remind people of meetings that are going to take place. Memos are given to the people that they are intended for. If you send a memo using E-mail, this can be denied as being received
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Unformatted text preview: along with being sent to you mass mail, which then everyone recieves. Another form of communications is with the smart phone. The smart phone is becoming everyones need to have. I find that this is a great way to get into contact with someone, but it is used sometimes in the wrong way. I personally have received messeges about a meeting by text. Text can be deleted and said you never received it. Text is a great way to remind someone about a meeting but not to inform them of the meeting. People need to think about how they use technology before sending information across the technology highway. Thinking if a message is better sent one way over the other is something people need to think about. Technology is moving at a fast pace, so fast I personally feel it is hard to keep up with sometimes....
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