Analytical Essay - Between the two novels “The House on...

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1 In the novel “The House on Mango Street” tells about the life battles and obstacles a family has. You can feel the discrimination from society when the nun keeps asking about where they live. I wonder if Cisneros feels the same way about her life from past experiences. Moving from home to home and life really is not getting much better. Every parent wants the best for their children, but some just seem to find the same cycle. One can only hope that someone can
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2 break the same life cycle and move into a home they can be proud of. I feel the setting in most of this novel. With the novel “The Lottery” you feel the anticipation of everyone gathering together to pick the pieces of paper. Everyone gets together and gossips before the event begins. Here you feel more of a plot and setting. I feel as if I am amongst them while they are grabbing the paper out of the black box. You can see the unfairness between women and men. Men hold the upper hand in the family.
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Unformatted text preview: Between the two novels “The House on Mango Street” is written in first person, while “The Lottery is written in third person. Cisneros doesn’t really catch your eye when reading the name of the novel, where as Jackson’s title is of more interest. When you see the words The Lottery, you can feel as if someone is going to win something big. As you read on, you start to feel as if you don’t really want to win. Both writers have their way of getting across the feelings of each novel. Cisneros gets to the main point a lot faster, but not with as much emphasis of putting yourself in the story. With Jackson’s story, I feel as if I am amongst them and waiting for the name to be called out. I can feel myself grasping my son’s hand. References Sandra Cisneros. (1954). The House on Mango Street. Literature. The Human Experience. (pp.127-128) Shirley Jackson. (1948). The Lottery. Literature. The Human Experience. (pp. 350-356) 3...
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Analytical Essay - Between the two novels “The House on...

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