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Axia College Material Appendix B Literary Definitions Activity Define the literary terms below. Literary Term Definition literary journal A journal of my reflections or reactions to the readings I have read. literary canon The masterpieces of literature. reader-response criticism Discribes what the reader is thinking while reading a piece of literature. critical reading Taking one part of a reading and deciding what the writer is saying. anapest Two short syllables followed by one long one (s ev ent een). tone Is the mood the writer is trying to get the reader to feel. plot To make you thing what, why, and how things happened in the reading. characterization Is how the writer makes the character feel real to the reader. setting The time and place the reading is taking place. point of view How and what we feel by the reading. irony To make the reader believe what should or can’t
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Unformatted text preview: happen, does. (a gas station has no gas). theme The consept we feel after reading a piece. figurative language Understanding something without giving the whole meaning. (The road less taken, means we have choices to make, the easy way or the hard way). characters Are who is in the writing. dramatic irony When a piece of writhing contradicts its self. ( Romeo drinks the poison because he thinks Juliet was dead, in reality Juliet was just sleeping). conflict Is a struggle between two forces. style Is the way a writer writes to achieve sertain effects. protagonist The main character that gains the readers interest. rhyme Using the same or similar words in a writing. rhythm How the writing is read ( slow, fast, choppy, or smooth. LIT 210...
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