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Axia College Material Appendix E Final Paper Matrix Fill in the matrix below, in which you will select two pieces of literature from the assigned course readings to compare and contrast in your final essay. Additionally, develop three possible topics for your paper, which your instructor will review for approval. Lastly, list and describe three to five sources that you will use to write your essay. Literature Selection One Title: Young Goodman Brown Author: Nathaniel Hawthorn Why I Chose This Piece: I really don’t have a choice in the matter. This one that I understood while reading. Literature Selection Two Title: A Raisin in the Sun Author: Lorraine Hansberry Why I Chose This Piece: Same as above. This is the closest
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Unformatted text preview: reading that I have read that makes any understanding to me. Topics Primary Topic: The Differences and Simularities Alternative Topic 1: Alternative Topic 2: I don’t quite understand why you have this set up as Primary and Alt. LIT 210 3-5 Secondary Sources Source 1: Literature The Human Experience. • Description: the primary reading came from this. Source 2: Sparknotes online. • Description: I have found mounds of information on understanding of the readings. Source 3: Book rags online. • Description: This has helped me understand what I have read. Seems to be very helpful. LIT 210...
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