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HW 1 - SOLUTION ME 304 Introduction & Modeling CONTROL SYSTEMS (01) March 16, 2005 Prof. Dr. Y. Samim Ünlüsoy, Res. Asst. Kemal Çal ı ş kan 1 PROBLEM 1: a) Basic elements of automotive cruise control system are, Reference Input : The speed of the vehicle at the instant cruise control system switched ON Output : Speed of the vehicle Controller : Electronic control unit which controls the stepper motor Actuator : Stepper motor Plant : Vehicle (all components including throttle) Sensor : Speed sensor b) Possible disturbances to this system are: wind, gradient, road surface conditions etc. c) Block diagram of the system: d) - This is a closed loop control system because the output of the system is measured and fed back to the system. Any change in the vehicle speed due to disturbances is compensated by adjusting the throttle position using the stepper motor which actuated according to the difference between set speed and vehicle speed. - This control system has regulator characteristic, because the set speed does not change after the control system is switched ON and the aim is to keep the vehicle speed at the fixed set speed.
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Hw1-S05_Solution - HW 1 - SOLUTION ME 304 CONTROL SYSTEMS...

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