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Practice Assignment Answers - M Brook [email protected]..

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1 CHEMISTRY 2A03 2010 - ANSWERS Practice Assignment (not for marks, but will help you with assumed knowledge) ________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Draw line structures for all the structural isomers of molecular formula C 5 H 11 Cl. Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl Cl 2. Name all the functional groups in the following molecule. OCH 3 O O H H 2 N O OH ester amine ketone alcohol aldehyde alkene 3. Write Lewis structures for the following: i) CH 3 O 2 CH 3 ii) HCO 2 CH 3 iii) BrCHCH 3 CH 2 Cl iv) CH 3 COC 2 H 5 v) CH 3 CHNOH O O O O Br Cl O H N O H 4. Write out the structural formulas for the following molecules. i) 2-amino-1-hydroxybutane ii) cis -1-chloro-3-methylcyclopentane iii) 2-bromo-3-chloro-3- methylhexane OH NH 2 Br Cl Cl 5. Determine the E or Z geometric configurations for the following alkenes and name them. i) ii) Br H iii) OCH 3 6. Draw Newman projections for 1-propanol looking along the C1-C2 bond. Label each conformer as
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Practice Assignment Answers - M Brook [email protected]..

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