Infared Spec - 9/8/2010 Infrared Spectroscopy: An...

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9/8/2010 1 Chapter 2 1 Infrared Spectroscopy: An Instrumental Method for Detecting Functional Groups Electromagnetic radiation in the infrared (IR) frequency range is absorbed by a molecule at certain characteristic frequencies Energy is absorbed by the bonds in the molecule and they vibrate faster The bonds behave like tiny springs connecting the atoms The bonds can absorb energy and vibrate faster only when the added energy is of a particular resonant frequency The frequencies of absorption are very characteristic of the type of bonds FUNCTIONAL GROUPS contained in the sample molecule The type of bonds present are directly related to the functional groups present A plot of these absorbed frequencies is called an IR spectrum Chapter 2 2 Infrared Spectrometer An infrared spectrometer detects the frequencies absorbed by the sample molecule Light of all the various IR frequencies is transmitted to the molecule and the frequencies absorbed are recorded The absorption frequencies are specified as wavenumbers in units of reciprocal centimeters (cm -1 ) Alternatively the wavelength (λ)
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Infared Spec - 9/8/2010 Infrared Spectroscopy: An...

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