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Week 6 Discussion: Please bear in mind that the discussion questions are intended to help you understand the concepts presented in the lectures. You are therefore encouraged to treat them with the seriousness they deserve. You are encouraged to look at each and every response being given and to ask questions if the underlying concepts/explanation/working are unclear. (**Without full participation/involvement in the threaded discussion, you will have problems completing the HW assignments) Directions: Please read carefully. You are required to respond to only one question. For questions with multiple parts (for example, a,b,c,d you are only required to answer to just part a or b or c or . You do not have to do all four parts) In addition to your own posting to a question (2 points) , you are also required to respond to the posting made by at least two (2) other people (2 + 2 = 4 points). Total points to be earned = 2 +4 = 6 points/Week Rules: Questions are answered on a First Come First Serve Basis. (The date/time stamp will attest to this). Questions cannot be reserved. Only one person per question. (Others are encouraged to politely indicate if someone has mistakenly responded to a question that has been taken or responded to). . Please identify very clearly the question being answered (e.g. Chapter 20, Technical Question 1a or Chapter 25, Technical Question 9d, or Chapter 4, Application 1.a) **If you want to work on all the questions, please feel free to do so, but please do not share your answers in the forum. Please remember that others must be given a chance to work on the questions as well. You can wait and provide comments as the answers are being posted or you can contact the instructor . (A suggestion: It will be a good idea to not wait until Sunday to post something just so as to meet the deadline for submission. Post early so that others will get a chance to read and react properly. It has been observed that those who do not fully engage in the discussion always have problems completing the assignments). The discussion for this Week will focus on the following : G ame theory (concept, basic application for planning) and how game theory is used to model  behavior; types of games and how they are played. How knowledge of price elasticity among different groups of customers or for various products  enable managers to price discriminate, or change different prices for these groups.
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Questions for Week 6 Discussion (from the text book): Chapters 9 and 10 Chapter 9 : Technical Questions(TQ) 1(a, b, c) 3(a, b, c)
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Week_6_DiscussionQandA[1] - Week 6 Discussion Please bear...

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