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Asst3-MS261-W11 - Management Sciences 261 Winter 2011...

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Management Sciences 261, Winter 2011 Assignment #3 HAND IN: by 1:00 p.m., Friday March 18, in the online drop box on ACE. REMINDER from course outline : You may consult with other students about your written assignments, but the work that you turn in must be your own . For example, you may discuss with other students how to create a spreadsheet, in general terms, but you must code the spreadsheet yourself . Do not copy another student’s spreadsheet file or part of another student’s spreadsheet file . Do not “lend” your spreadsheet file to another student . Anyone violating these guidelines will be reported to the First Year office, and to the Associate Dean; the typical punishment is 0% on this assignment, and 5% deducted from your course mark. 1. Retrieve the income statements and balance sheets of “Apple Inc. (AAPL)” and “Research in Motion Limited (RIM)” for the last 4 years. I recommend using http://finance.google.com for that purpose, but you can use any other sources. Then, generate the 6 financial ratios mentioned in the class.
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