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MATH 115 – Linear Algebra for Engineers Fall 2010 Objectives : MATH 115 is an introduction to abstract vector spaces, the algebra and geometry of R n , and the abstract theory of vector spaces. We approach the material through a blend of theoretical ideas and computational methods, such as Gaussian elimination for solving systems of linear equations. Various applications are also studied. Text : Linear Algebra with Applications, 6 th Edition, Keith Nicholson. Course Home Page : Information about the course will be posted on the course web page, on UW-ACE Summary : 1. Review of Vectors Chapter 4, Sections 4.1 – 4.2 2. Linear Equations Chapter 1, Sections 1.1 – 1.6 2. Matrix Algebra Chapter 2, Sections 2.1 – 2.5 3. Determinants Chapter 3, Sections 3.1 – 3.3 4. Linear operators Chapter 4, Section 4.4. 5. Real Vector Spaces Chapter 5, Sections 5.1 – 5.5 6. Orthogonality Chapter 8, Sections 8.1, 8.2 7. Abstract Vector Spaces Chapter 6, Sections 6.1 – 6.4 8. Complex Numbers Appendix A Final Mark s: Labs 15% Midterm test 20% Final Exam 65% Calculators are not permitted on the midterm or on the Final. Midterm date: Thursday October 21, 7 to 9 pm (to be determined) Tutorials and Labs : In addition to 3 lecture hours, there is a two-hour tutorial scheduled each week. Each week, a 2 hour Lab assignment will be handed out. The lab will normally contain questions related to the material presented in the week preceding the lab . For example the lab given in week 6 covers material presented in week 5. Each Friday the instructor will specify which material will be covered on the lab either in class or via the Ace webpage. Students must complete this lab assignment during the Lab period. You may work in groups, and ask the TA for help, but you must hand in your own assignment. The best way to prepare for these labs is to work out, before the lab , all the assigned exercises listed below. They are meant to enhance understanding and to help you absorb the material. Mathematics is a skill developed by working out problems.
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Note for students with disabilities : The Office for Persons with Disabilities (OPD), located in Needles Hall, Room 1132,
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Math115_f10_course_outline_revised_10090 - MATH 115 Linear...

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