The Cuban Missile Crisis - The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962...

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The Cuban Missile Crisis – 1962 Realpolitic Diplomacy in the face of Nuclear War Few events during the Cold war were enshrouded with as much secrecy and buildup as the Cuban Missile crisis. Those tense thirteen days saw the culmination of years, possible decades even, of the best laid plans across the globe from both poles. In this essay I will explore the various realist considerations taken into account by Kennedy and Khrushchev while making the major decisions in that time. Public politics is often a façade as was the case here, with the real decisions and discussions being made behind closed doors. If it wasn’t for the secret communications, whether willing or unwilling, through unorthodox channels, as well as testing the opponent, the crisis may very well have unfolded into World War III. It was only through careful and cautious approaches of the two leaders that the tense buildup to those thirteen days was averted and dissolved relatively peacefully, though arguably hastily. Before I begin I think I should highlight the focus points of this essay. The entire story of how the crisis unfolded has been repeated time and time again, and I certainly don’t aim to re-enact those events, memorable as they may be. The purpose of this essay is to explore the hard facts that the two leaders had to face when making their decisions. In order to do this the character of both the leaders came into play strongly, as they were both faced with the very easy and accessible option of war, as given to them by their advisors, allies and constituents. Furthermore, while public rhetoric is and was required in such situations to keep the political apparatus functioning; it is not the final answer. Both Kennedy and Khrushchev made history by demonstrating the extraordinary clarity
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The Cuban Missile Crisis - The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962...

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