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MGMT 372-PEBE Outline 2 - Leadership styles may differ...

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PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS AND BUSINESS ETHICS Brief Outline Module 1: Vision and Personal Effectiveness The basic premise of the course is that often people don’t have very clear visions in their lives and end up thinking only in the short term. People get confused with their lives and get disillusioned quickly with their short term objectives and goals as they don’t relate to something concrete and worthy in the future. This module which spans over 14 sessions has the following objectives: Impress upon the students of the importance of having a long term vision in their life. To introduce a framework by which people can make long term visions in their life. To help the students chalk out a way forward in light of the knowledge and insights learnt. Module 2: Effective Leadership This part of the course deals with the attributes and characteristics of effective leaders.
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Unformatted text preview: Leadership styles may differ according to the situation, goals and the followers. Yet there may be certain universal qualities of successful leaders. There are 4 to 5 sessions in this module. Module 3: Business Ethics This segment addresses the basic ethical questions and challenges facing us as humans and business managers. It starts from fundamental dilemmas in ethical philosophy and covers various viewpoints and perspectives with special emphasis on Islamic principles of morality and justice. Finally, some classic cases of Business Ethics are discussed. Grading The grading will be done as follows: Class participation 15% Quizzes 20% Class assignments 20% Project 15% Final Exam 30%...
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