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Pain Matrix CheckPoint - Pain event Description of pain...

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Axia College Material Appendix E Pain Matrix Sarafino (2006) noted that “people are more likely to seek medical treatment without delay if they feel pain” (p. 292). Pain is not pleasant, but it is a necessary response for us to know when something is wrong, allowing us to limit damage to our bodies. There are many types and sources of pain. It is a sense that we experience in varying degrees of intensity, depending upon the individual. Some individuals have a rare condition called congenital analgesia, where they are unable to feel any type of pain. Most of these people die young because, without pain, the seriousness of their life-threatening injuries or illnesses go undetected, eventually leading to death (Kalb et al, 2003). Directions: Refer to Ch. 11 of the text as you fill in the chart, using your own words to describe different kinds of pain and their causes.
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Unformatted text preview: Pain event Description of pain event (Answer in 1 to 2 sentences) Origin of pain event (physiological, psychological, or both) Referred pain Pain is felt somewhere other than where it is caused. Psychological Organic pain Pain such as a burn Psychological Pain disorder (somatoform disorder) Pain that a person has for no apparent reason. Psychological Phantom limb pain When a person feels pain where a limb use to be. For example the lady that has no legs still feels pain in her legs. Both Psychogenic pain Psychological References Kalb, C., Springen, K., Raymond, J., & Underwood, A. (2003, May 15). “Taking a New Look at Pain.” Newsweek (Atlantic Edition ), 141 (20). Retrieved April 5, 2007, from EBSCOhost. Sarafino, E. P. (2006). Health psychology: Biopsychosocial interactions (5th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. HCA 250...
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