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Professor Vogel, English 846 AG Midterm Essay Outline Thesis Statement: The internet can both benefit internet users and harm internet users in all sorts of ways. I. The internet can benefit users by offering easy and convenient access to information. Quote: " Most of the time I am on the Internet communicating with others, checking my email, doing some online shopping, researching for a paper, and much more." (Annie). A. The internet allows users to access their personal resources. i. Gives people the ability to monitor their bank accounts. ii. Lets people pay their bills online. iii. People can check their credit card activity and view statements. B. The internet allows people to so research easily. i. People can search for jobs. ii. Everything in textbooks and magazines or newspaper can be found online. Quote: "Source of information can be found in text book." (Annie) iii. People can shop online and research on prices and other specifications. C.
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