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Midterm2_Sguide - MCDB101A Midterm 2 Study Guide...

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MCDB101A Midterm 2 Study Guide Definitions : polycystronic mRNA, operon, constitutive vs. induced gene expression, positive vs. negative gene regulation, prophage/lysogen, virulent vs. temperate phage, phage immunity, antiterminator, mutation rate vs. mutation frequency, multiplicity of infection (MOI), point mutation, deletion, micro vs. macrolesions, transition vs. transversion mutation; types of mutations: neutral, silent, missense, and null/nonsense, intragenic vs. extragenic mutations, mutagen vs. carcinogen, regulon, homologous recombination, heteroduplex DNA, Chi sequence (know function, don’t memorize sequence) Concepts: How are X-gal and IPTG used to detect β -galactosidase production? What is a gel shift assay and how was it used to show that LacI binds to lacO ? Know the order of dominance among Lac operon mutations Understand how CAP regulates lactose metabolism and how this fits in with regulation based on LacI How does the blue-white assay work and how is it used in cloning a gene?
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