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Unformatted text preview: reoselective? a. One that produces only 1 configuration where 2 are possible b. One that produces a mixture of configurations of equal amount c. One that produces a mixture of configurations with one in excess d. One that prefers no stereochemistry e. None of the above 55. Which product from experiment 7 has the most 1,3‐diaxial repulsion? a. cis b. trans 56. In experiment 7, acid was added at the end of the reaction. This was to a. Force the reaction to completion b. To quench the remaining hydride agent c. To separate any remaining starting material from the product d. To remove traces of water from the sample e. None of the above Experiment 8 H N O OH EtI K2CO3 O H N O 57. Which compound is known as Tylenol? a. The intermediate formed in the reaction b. The starting material c. The product d. Phenacetin e. None of the above 58. The solvent methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) was removed prior to the extraction process. This was because: a. It is soluble in water It has a high boiling point It has a polarity similar to acetone...
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