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Final w09 key

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Unformatted text preview: Chem 6AL Russak 18 March 2009 7:30‐10:30 pm Final Exam The following questions are all multiple choice. Please fill out the score sheet with your name and perm number. Your perm number MUST be both written and the bubbles filled. There are equations and spectral charts on the back sheet that you may need to calculate or solve your answers. You may use a calculator, ruler, and pencil or pen. You may NOT keep the exam. It will be posted online once all grading has been completed. Experiment 1: Colligative properties, density, melting point, refractive index and safety 1. Colligative properties are those properties that depend on a. The mass of the particles b. The quantity of particles c. The melting point of particles d. The boiling point of particles e. None of the above 2. Which item in the lab protects you from toxic fumes? a. Gloves b. Goggles c. Lab coat d. Hood e. None of the above 3. Chemical safety information for every chemical is required by law to be present in every laboratory. Where...
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