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Unformatted text preview: er containing methyl benzoate. Then add water and acid and remove the water layer containing cyclohexanol. e. None of the above 25. Consider the following equilibrium 26. 27. 28. 29. Given that the pKa for benzoic acid is 4 and the pKa for protonated aniline is 5, which direction does the equilibrium lie and by how much? a. Towards the right, 1 E1 b. Towards the left, 1 E1 c. Towards the right, 1 E‐1 d. The reaction is in equilibrium e. None of the above Which organic solvent would constitute the bottom layer when performing an extraction with water? a. Ethyl Acetate b. Hexanes c. Chloroform d. Toluene e. None of the above When isolating compounds from a natural source or a mixture, what is the term usually used to show how much is obtained? a. % yield b. % recovery c. % conversion d. % theoretical e. All of the above The reason recrystallization works to purify a compound is because a. Impurities are highly concentrated in the solvent b. The solute is lowly concentrated in the solvent c. Impurities are lowly concen...
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