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Unformatted text preview: soaked in hot basic water. What was the purpose of this? a. For the acidic tannins to fully protonate the caffeine and make it water soluble. b. For the base to neutralize and tannins and prevent protonation of caffeine c. Because caffeine is not soluble in water itself d. The tea bag was soaked in hot acidic water, not base e. None of the above 33. If dichloromethane and water are the extraction solvents, vigorous shaking can lead to: a. Evaporation b. Separation c. Byproducts d. Emulsion e. None of the above a. b. c. d. e. 34. 35. 36. 37. Consider the phase diagram above. According to the chart, in what state is this matter in at 1 atm and 20 °C? a. Solid b. Liquid c. Gas d. Supercritical fluid e. None of the above Again consider the phase diagram above. The compound is heated from ‐60 °C to ‐50 °C at 10 atm. What process describes its change in matter a. Melting b. Freezing c. Sublimation d. Evaporation e. None of theabove Consider a situation where a compound goes from a solid to a liquid. What application could lead to the comp...
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