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Unformatted text preview: a a mobile phase d. B and C e. A, B, and C 43. What is not a type of stationary phase Silica Gel Magnesium Oxide Cellulose C‐18 modified silica gel None of the above 44. The Rf value of a compound is: a. The distance traveled by compound divided by distance of solvent front b. The distance traveled by solvent front divided by distance traveled by compound c. The distance of the compound minus the distance of the solvent front d. The distance of the solvent front minus the distance of the compound e. None of the above 45. Consider the following TLC below: a. b. c. d. e. ABC Lane A is the starting material for a reaction. Lane B is the co‐spot of A and C. Lane C is the crude product obtained at the end of the reaction. According to the TLC: a. The product is less polar than the starting material b. The co‐spot claims the reaction is 50% complete c. The reaction is complete d. The reaction is incomplete and needs more time e. None of the above 46. You perform a TLC analysis but all of the spots are very large and...
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