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Unformatted text preview: can it be found? a. In the CRC b. Material Safety Data Sheets c. The chemical bottle or container itself d. Your Teaching Assistant e. None of the above 4. The density of cyclohexane is 0.779 g/mL. If a syringe contains 2.5 mL of cyclohexane, what is the mass? a. 1.95 g b. 0.31 g c. 3.21 g d. 0.31 g/mL e. None of the above 5. The refractive index is a. The velocity of light through the liquid divided by the velocity through the air b. Always a value less than 1 because nothing travels faster than light c. Has no change when considering temperature changes d. A measure of how much light is bent when traveling through something e. All of the above 6. What is the weight percent of cinnamic acid in a mixture that is 28.8 mol percent cinnamic acid in urea? (Urea = 60.06 g/mol, cinnamic acid = 148.16 g/mol) a. 71 % b. 50 % c. 29 % d. 21 % e. None of the above 7. The eutectic point is defined as: a. a suspension of droplets in another liquid b. a ratio of compounds expressing a small melting range c. a solution of two...
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