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Theproductislesspolarthanthestartingmaterial b

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Unformatted text preview: Chromatography 40. Why is the above reaction carried out with light and not heat? a. The heat required would probably decompose the compound before isomerization b. Heat would give the thermodynamically more stable product..which is trans c. Heat is unable to polarize electrons d. Heat would cause dimerization e. None of the above 41. The reaction in experiment 5 was done in homogeneous solution to start with. Why? a. Molecules in solution allow space between themselves so reactions can take place b. In a solid form, most of the trans is protected from light by the crystal lattice c. The solution provided a medium that was soluble for the starting material and insoluble for the product d. A and B e. A, B, and C 42. What best describes how the process of Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) works? a. The adsorbent separates compounds based on their size, like a filter b. A polar stationary phase interacts with compounds via a mobile phase c. A non‐polar stationary phase interacts with compounds vi...
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