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Unformatted text preview: trated in the solvent d. The concentration has no effect on the ability to crystallize the compound e. None of the above When considering a compound for recrystallization, what should you keep in mind? That the compound have only small amounts of impurities That the compound be greater than at least 50% pure That the solvent be able to dissolve the compound at room temperature That the actual crystallizing process be done rapidly All of the above 30. What is the purpose of drying an organic liquid? a. To remove traces of water from the compound b. To alleviate any unnecessary peaks in the IR spectrum c. To ensure that the melting point taken of the compound is accurate because impurities lower the melting point d. Water may be detrimental to the next reaction that you perform with that compound e. All of the above Experiment 4: Extraction coefficients, Sublimation 31. Caffeine belongs to which family of molecules? a. Taxol b. Caffeinoids c. Serines d. Purines e. Coffee 32. In experiment 4, the tea bag was...
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