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Unformatted text preview: n of V1 None of the above c. Column holdup d. Slower heating process than simple distillation e. None of the above 20. When an azeotrope occurs in a solution of liquids a. It is easy to distill the mixture to purity b. Many times column hold‐up is the cause for such an effect c. The forces of boiling the impure substance out are greater than the boiling point of the solution d. The forces of boiling the impure substance out are far less than the boiling point of the solutions e. None of the above 21. What is a way to prevent the distillation solution from “bumping”? a. Wrap the column in foil b. Do the distillation outside of the hood to prevent air from cooling the apparatus c. Add a boiling stone d. Heat the solution rapidly e. None of the above Experiment 3: Acid/Base chemistry, Extraction, Drying, Recrystallization 22. What are 4 techniques we learned to separate or purify organic compounds in this course? a. Distillation, Extraction, Sublimation, Chromatography b. Melting point, Distillation, Extraction, Chromatography c...
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