Final W09 Key

A 1235kpa b 147kpa c 3965kpa d 5435kpa e

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Unformatted text preview: 15. Use the graph below to answer the question. What does L2 stand for in the graph? a. b. c. d. e. 16. A liquid that has a high vapor pressure will a. Boil at a low temperature b. Boil at a high temperature c. Melt at a low temperature d. Melt at a high temperature e. None of the above 17. A liquid has a mol fraction of 0.45 and a vapor pressure of 75 kPa. What is the partial vapor pressure of this substance? a. 166.66 kPa b. 33.75 kPa c. 16.66 kPa d. 3.38 kPa e. None of the above 18. The total pressure for a mixture of liquids A and B is found to be 54.35 kPa. If the mol fraction of liquid A is 0.35 and its vapor pressure is 42 kPa, what is the vapor pressure of liquid B? a. 12.35 kPa b. 14.7 kPa c. 39.65 kPa d. 54.35 kPa e. None of the above 19. In experiment 2, the reason ethanol separated better with a fractional column is due to: a. Minimixing azeotropic effects b. More theoretical plates The vapor composition at L3 The liquid composition of V2 The vapor composition of L1 The liquid compositio...
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