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A tetramethylsilane b water c dichloromethane d cdcl3

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Unformatted text preview: It is an excellent solvent for SN2 processes All of the above 59. After the MEK was removed, an extraction using NaOH as the aqueous phase was used. Why? a. To remove any excess MEK from the product b. To dissolve the product into the aqueous layer c. To dissolve any remaining starting material in the aqueous layer d. To generate the suitable phenoxide needed for ether formation e. None of the above 60. Assuming the pKa of the phenol in the starting material is 9 and NaOH was added to generate the conjugate base. Assuming the pKa of water is 15, the equilibrium constant should be a. 106 in favor of the phenoxide b. 106 in favor of the phenol c. 10‐6 in favor of the phenoxide d. The reaction is in perfect equilibrium e. None of the above Infrared Spectroscopy 61. The use of Infrared Spectroscopy is intended to a. Differentiate between functional groups b. Differentiate between methyl and methylene protons c. Indicate symmetry in a molecule d. Determine the mass of a molecule e. None of the above 62....
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