LAB 2 - Proceed with dilution till dilution factor is...

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LAB 2  – STUDY GUIDE Proteins are composed of  Amino Acids  joined together by  peptide bonds Protein Functions: 1. Structural Components of Cells and Tissue 2. Mobility 3. Chemical messengers 4. Receptors 5. Transporters 6. Catalysts 7. Defense molecules 8. Regulators Spectrophotometer:  measures quantity of blue complex Beers Law:  The absorbance of light is directly proportional to the concentration of  absorbing substance A = absorbance, e = constant, l= length of light path through solutions, C = concentration I = Light passing though in presence of substance I = Light passing though in absence of substance Ex:  Q. If light has an absorbance of 1, how much light transmits?  10% of light transmits Conservation of Mass Equation: C i V i  = C f V f Dilution: First find your dilution factor: (Sample Concentration/Optimum Assay Concentration)
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Unformatted text preview: Proceed with dilution till dilution factor is reached: 1ml Sample/7mL of water = 8-fold; 1ml Sample/4mL of water = 5-fold Color: Color absorbed is opposite color observed Color Range: 390 - 700 Q. Why is blue dye used for Spectro.? At 595 nm only the die protein complex is absorbed Pipettes: Pipette Volume 1,000 l 1000-200 200 l 200-20 20 l 20-2 For P1000 Top Digit: Thousand place Middle Digit: Hundred place Bottom Digit: Ten place For P200 Top Digit: Hundred place Middle Digit: Ten place Bottom Digit: One place For p20 Top Digit: Tens place Middle Digit: One place Bottom Digit: decimal place Genetics Dominant Allele Recessive Allele Meiosis LEARN PARTS OF PLANT #22...
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LAB 2 - Proceed with dilution till dilution factor is...

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