LAB 7 - Homozygous for Alu o Possible to have one with and...

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LAB 7  – STUDY GUIDE Analysis of Alu Polymorphism: Each person has two copies of chromosome 8, 2 copies of TPA gene – one from mom,  one from dad o Possible that both copies have Alu insertion in intron 25 – PCR product will be  larger in size b/c longer segment of DNA with Alu insert, these individuals are 
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Unformatted text preview: Homozygous for Alu o Possible to have one with and one without yielding two sizes of DNA – heterozygous means 2 bands Plasmid DNA insertions: • Colonies treated with Ampicillin only lived when plasmid added • L arabinose created fluorescent colonies • D arabinose created inflorescent colonies...
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